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Case Study: Kitti

Building a secure, scalable charity donation platform from the ground up.

Architecture & Solution Design
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6 Month

Spec-to-First Build Timeframe


Simultaneous Donations Capacity


Visitor Capacity Per Day

Key Challenges

Spikes in user traffic + donations

With 12% of all charity giving happening in the last three days of the year, and over £130M raised in the month of Ramadan just in the UK, charity giving platforms suffer from a unique pattern of traffic spikes.

98% of campaigns raise close to nothing, whilst others skyrocket to the moon, this means you get both peak seasons and individually erratic activity on a per campaign basis.

To accommodate for this erratic traffic and donor behaviour, we had to build a system...

Secure, reliable, fast donation processing

Kitti needed a donation pipeline that could deal with 100s of incoming donations simultaneously, all being processed without hiccup.

To achieve this, we built a...

Technologies & services used

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"It's astounding at how fast, efficient and good Applybox is."

Adam S., Director Kitti
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Our process

  • 1. Service Agreement

    We cater an agreement with you depending on your needs. Either continuous build, support, maintenance and updates on a monthly rolling basis, or a one-off build.

  • 2. Kickoff Session

    Our in-house product team help you organise and filter what’s needed for your product or service to succeed. We also work out a delivery plan based on your individual needs.

  • 3. User Stories + Sprint Assignment

    Product requirements are crystallised into a set of user stories we work from. We then plan work in Agile sprints, delivering new features every two weeks.

  • 4. First release cycle + iteration

    We work till an agreed upon first release state, then continue iteration cycles as needed, or deliver a one-off solution if that’s what was agreed.

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