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Don’t hire an expensive tech team.

We build bespoke, out-of-this-world software and platforms at a fraction of the cost.

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Before: You’re spending too much on tech. Not getting results fast enough, everything seems to be taking too long and overbudget.

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After: You’re getting meaningful results, fast. Projects are on time and on budget  — everyone’s happy and has a positive outlook.

We’re the integrated tech team for 100s of clients across the UK...

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Bespoke Development

Expert developers, to take your product to the moon.

Scalability and security is at the heart of everything we do. With a veteran tech team, we’re able to deal with platforms of any scale, using cloud tech to completely transform your whole operating model.

Architecture & Solution Design
DevOps, Automation & Security
Product Engineering
Data Architecture
API Integration & Development
Hire Dedicated Develpers
Astronaut to the Moon

“Applybox helped us scale from 0 to over 8,000 bike sales per year through building automation into our delivery processes.”

Jamie M., Owner-Manager of Flamme Rouge
Business Process Automation

Automate & systemise your business workflows to galactic proportions.

Trying to run your business from multiple spreadsheets? Struggling to keep them up-to-date and in-sync. Spending too much time on admin?

It’s time to completely overhaul your business processes with tech to and save time, money and create a better customer experience.

Workflow Automation
ERP solutions
CMS Integration
Data Architecture
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Case Study
Scaling Flamme Rouge to 8,000 bike deliveries per year
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Boost your business into the stratosphere.

With Applybox, bringing efficiency, cost-savings and automation to your business.

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